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Meta Power Workout - December 2022

Welcome to the Meta Power Workout December 2022 part 1 of 3! You can read about my pre-workout, mid-workout, and post-workout observations below. Plus, do the workout from the comfort of your own home or gym with this easy breakdown!


Questions and concerns before class started

  1. Is 3 minutes too long to spend on one movement?

  2. Will the AMRAP movements move too quickly/slowly?


Mid-workout observations

During my run of this workout I found:

  1. The stark contrast between the exercise's repeated reps and the AMRAPs created an engaging challenge.

  2. No one AMRAP repeated more than 4 times and in most cases, it was my 3rd set when the time ended.

During the class I found:

  1. Beginners and veterans were able to scale this workout.

  2. 40 seconds of rest felt a little long in places

  3. Since the rest in the repeated reps was only 5 seconds it felt a lot like they were both sorts of an AMRAP.

  4. Participants’ exhaustion appeared in line with the timing.


Here was the feedback given upon immediate reflection.

Participant feedback:

  1. This workout was well enjoyed, comments included praise for the unique time format and the movement selections.

  2. One participant noted the similarity between the 3 min broken-down clock of the repeated reps and the 2 min and 40-sec AMRAP timer which created a sense that the workout was very long.

Trainer Feedback

  1. I agree with the note about the clock. I look forward to utilizing pieces of this workout with different pairings in the future.

  2. Overall this was a challenging and engaging workout. I believe a total body workout was achieved and at least a little bit of fun was had.

Trainer Rating



20-30-40-30-20 (seconds)

5 sec rest between reps

40 sec rest between exercises

Plate Ground to Overhead Press/Halos

TRX Monster Lunges (Jump Lunge R, Jump Lunge L, Squat)

Plate Sit Ups


40 sec rest

2:40 AMRAP(As Many Rounds As Possible)

15x Rope Slams

5x Dumbbell Curls

5x Shoulder Press

40 sec rest

2:40 AMRAP

15x Jumping Jacks

5x Deadlift/Rows

5x Sumo Squats

40 sec rest

2:40 AMRAP

10x Break Dancers

5x Walkout Push Ups

5x Star Jumps


40 sec rest


5 sec rest between reps

40 sec between exercises

Kettlebell Thrusters


Full body Crunch


40 sec rest

2:40 sec AMRAP

2x Shuttle Run

5x Box Jumps

5x Push Ups

40 sec rest

2:40 sec AMRAP

2x Side Shuffle

5x Ball Slams

5x Dips

40 sec rest

2:40 AMRAP

1x Bear Crawl

5x Superman

5x Plank Press



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